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Hello and Welcome 

 Debora Missoorten

'A storyteller of wandering thoughts in paint..'

Driven by a sense of play and curiosity , she wants her artwork to be aesthetic and peaceful. When she is not painting or drawing , she probably is playing her piano or guitar or  quietly reading a book. 

" To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment "  cfr.  Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Her  Story

She combined working in Shipping and Fashion business with studying at the Art Academy at Sint Niklaas Belgium where she graduated in Stage -and Historical costume design, model drawing from life, portraiture and painting, when she decided to dedicate her life to art .

 * Gallery "Pand 108" - Aalst Belgium : group exhibition "No Sinking Ships"

* BOZAR Brussels -  "Hommage" - winner National Contest 

* Exhibition CODA Museum - Apeldoorn - The Netherlands- Painting of the Year 

*Art at the City Hall" - Reet  Belgium - Solo Exhibition 

* Runner Up Finalist Contest "In time of the Corona Virus" Artavita California 

* Duo Exhibition at "Kapel van 't Gasthuis/ Cultural Centre Wijnegem Belgium 

* Solo Exhibition - Steencaycken Boom Belgium

* Solo Exhibition AZ Riviernland Campus Reet Belgium 

A selection of Publications

* International Contemporary Masters Vol.5 Curated by Despina Tunberg- World Wide Artbooks 

* Artist of Rumst - Kunstenaars in Rumst - 

* Book : "Een eeuwig zoeker is de mens" by Jean-Paul Van Der Poorten

* Book: " Langs wegen van licht " by Jean-Paul Van Der Poorten

A selection of Exhibitions


Meeting like minded people and art lovers is wonderful .  Let's connect.

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